Winkelwagen is leeg

Winkelwagen is leeg

Barbour Thornproof Dressing

Perfect for re-waxing your Barbour jacket or coat, for which you will generally require one - two tins of wax depending on the condition of the garment
Content: 200 ML

€ 14,90

How to re-proof your wax product:

  • You require a pan of hot water and soft cloth or sponge.
  • Choose a warm room or outside on a hot day.
  • Stand the tin in hot water to soften dressing.
  • Work the dressing well into the garment using the cloth or sponge.
  • Pay attention to seams, creases and dry patches.
  • Rub in well, don’t just paint on.
  • Do not use excess dressing.
  • For a 'factory' finish, blow evenly with a hairdryer.
  • Hang the garment overnight in a warm place.
  • Never use hot water, detergents, solvents or soap.
  • Never dry clean or machine wash

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